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Together forever

(Music and lyrics: I. Cano – Adaptation in English: Jason Hart)  4:13


Produced, arranged and composed by NACHO CANO

Published by: Yogi Songs


Lead Vocals: Mercedes Ferrer

Second Vocals: Christine Henry

Background Vocals: Denise Rivera / Nathalie Ford


We set the kitchen table,
We filled our hearts with laughter,
And visions of the future,
In the wind,
Followed thereafter.

A seasoning of dreaming,
Of children and protection,
And in the sky we painted,
All the colors of affection.

But things get complicated,
If the love's only created,
In the moment of desire.

We climbed over mountains,
Of quarrels and confusion,
With patience as our guide,
We left our pride in disillusion.


We crossed over the bridges,
Of rumors and deception,
Preventing thoughts and memories,
From invading our perception.

We walked across the rising waves,
Of boredom and indifference,
With the helping hand of love.


We'll always be together,
And one day die together,
And everywhere we'll go,
Sharing our hopes,
Sharing our sorrows.

The journey is forever,
Through every kind of weather,
And I will keep the wind out of your hair,
Now and forever.

And there will come a moment,
When two souls will melt together,

In a single burning heart.