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Loaded gun

(Music and lyrics: I. Cano – Adaptation in English: Jason Hart)  3:17


Produced, arranged and composed by NACHO CANO

Published by: Yogi Songs


Lead Vocals: Christine Henry

Background Vocals: Denise Rivera / Colette Meury


Watching the sunset,
On all that we once said,
I look in your eyes,
For the signs,
Of truth and lies.

In the right moment we'll try,
To say, "Until I see you..."
And not, "Good-bye"

Luck comes and goes like the sun,
Best no play with a loaded gun.

Tender exchanges,
Surrender to changes,
The virus detected,
The kids unexpected.

These are the days,
When divorces,
And forces of nature,
Touch everyone.

Luck comes and goes like the sun,
Best not to play with a loaded gun.

And when its ended,
With all good intended,
Though phone lines,
And letters,
Our love is transcended.

And when romance,
Takes its final slow dance,
We'll know friendship,
Has just begun.