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The waltz of the mad

(I. Cano)  4:23


Produced, arranged and composed by NACHO CANO

Publishing: Editorial YOGI SONGS


The recording of live sound perfomed at the HOGAR DON ORIONE (Donations: 711 85 00)


Everyone has his place

in this orchestra.

On entering the ball

room one feels repulsion

and fear.

Suddenly the convulsive

movements of some and

others also, the guttural

sounds and the disorbited

glances start to produce a

harmonious order. Below the

apparent chaos, the

Omnipresent director’s

baton is felt. In the midst of

irrationality: Tenderness,

Compassion, attention and

Patience. One observes and

waits. Soon, the beauty of

the first notes show that

the waltz rises from chaos.

Everybody has his place in

this orchestra.