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(I. Cano)  3:10


Produced, arranged and composed by NACHO CANO

Publishing: Editorial YOGI SONGS


Voices: Brahmin monks of the GANESH TEMPLE in Queens, New York


Vedic chants describe the formation of the Universe.

The Brahmins tell by word of mouth from father to son,

how our World is a material one, an intermediate one and

therefore governed by the balance of Good and Evil.


It is also told how, above the material world, Spiritual

planets are found; Spiritual Planets exceed in number

and are in contrast to the material world which

sometimes exists and sometimes does not.


The Spiritual World exists always and is a place where

there is no suffering, These planets are called Vaikuntha

and they surround the most elevated one, Goloka Vrndavan.


It is this one where Krishna (God) lives in its original form.

Its color is blue and it has the appearance of a male youth.

He likes to enjoy life and often spends his time playing with the

Gopis or female shepherdesses who always surround him as they

keep their herds.


                                                           HARE KRISHNA