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Piano, violin and guitar

(I. Cano)  4:03


Produced, arranged and composed by NACHO CANO

Publishing: Editorial YOGI SONGS


First, there was the Piano.

She fell in his arms. The Guitar

playing the role of the couple’s

friend, it adjusted itself to the

Melody and when the Piano lost

its key, in the confusion that

ensued, the Guitar followed the

soft register. Only one simple

string was played after another

to entangle the Music in the

sweetness of simplicity. The

Violin then erupted and as the

gypsies, who always come in

families, deployed an army of

Violas, Cellos and Basses, wrapping

up its performance. The war did

not last long and soon they

understood that the nature of her

love was promiscuous. Beauty

and Inspiration rarely meet and

this union is the enticement

that enchants her. At the end, and

just the musketeers did, all three

of them joined together in the

same Melody assuming that:

“All for one and one for all”.